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Life Draw

The Fine Art gallery has a sample of Cameron’s oil paintings, which focus primarily on the figure as well as the occassional landscape and still life. Many of these paintings are also available in limited edition prints.

Cameron’s drawings are done in NuPastel on Strathmore 400 Bristol 2 ply Paper, 22” x 30”. “A persons skill and tallent can always be seen in the drawing. It is the foundation
of any great artist.”

The Illustration gallery contains artwork done for various clients, and are done entirely on the computer, “I think that electronic paintings can be marvelous things. These tools have come so far.”

The life drawing section is dedicated to the academic study and drawing of the nude figure. "Early on, my family used to raise their eyebrows about this fundamental drawing execise. Now they want paintings to hang on their walls."

Cameron Davidson • Saratoga Springs, UT • (801) 766-2660
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